Three stops away, queasy feeling. Two stops, a bit burns your throat. One, panic. None, vom.

Train Vom is about the embarrassment of vomiting in public. It is a difficult stealth game in which the player avoids the gaze of other passengers when they need to release a good old heap of puke. The essence of the game is the heart-dropping crescendo of the moment right before vomiting--when any way you turn is in sight of others.

Many of the issues I faced had to do with shooting the vomit. One major problem is that I would encounter an error where the object didn't exist to shoot. To fix this, I learned more about instantiation and how to target the rigidbody specifically if I was going to add force afterwards. I had another issue with the sight functions of the AI script not aligning with the object's rotation. To fix this, I better organized my parents and children, as well as made use of forward vectors to stay updated on where the object would be looking towards. Some other issues I couldn't fix were the flat rotation of vomit splats on everything and the hand. I wanted the hand to rotate downwards when the player shoots vomit, but the look of the hand was distorted in the camera, and my script had it rotating to angles where it wasn't even recognizable.

I think I would love to spend more time on the environment portion of the game. So much of my enjoyment of games comes from exploration and general mood/vibes that it pains me to not get exactly the feel I want in this game. It would be great to add windows and a texture that flashes by to make the train feel like it's actually moving. I would also like to spend hours perfecting the lighting and learning more about how to effectively use lights in Unity. Finally, I'd like to give decent treatment to the passenger models so that they fit in with the very textured vibe of the vomit. Also, need some good dirty metal train walls. As far as gameplay goes, I would like to have walking AI and different levels in different types of metro environments. Imagine how much more hellish a bus level would be!

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